Your Drive, Your Music
Your Drive, Your Music
+join The radio bot will join the voice channel you are currently in and play TruckersFM.
+leave The radio bot will leave any voice channels in your server.
+restart This will reload the current bot in your server.
+home-channel This will be the home channel for the bot in your guild, when the bot restarts it will automatically return to this channel.
+remove-home-channel This will remove the home channel for your guild.
+request (request) Sends a request into TruckersFM.
+shoutout (shoutout) Sends a Shoutout into TruckersFM.
+traffic (traffic) Sends a Traffic Report into TruckersFM.
+upcoming Displays the next DJ.
+live Shows the current DJ on TruckersFM.
+song Says the current song playing on TruckersFM.
+schedule Will display the full schedule for today.
+recent Will show the last 6 songs played on TruckersFM.
+search (search) Allows you to search songs played on TruckerFM, and displays there playcount
If you need some support please head over to our Discord and send a message in the #suggestions channel.