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About TruckersFM

What's there to tell really? Truckers FM was born out of an idea that could change the world... but then we woke up from our sleep! Truckers FM came about as a concept in Mid-August of 2015. After much late night brain storming sessions and planning of ideas, we decided that what we could offer the good people of the TruckersMP community the in game radio they deserve. Our aim, our ethos and our mission is to bring together all the things TruckersMP Drivers need to keep themselves trucking throughout Europe and beyond. Bringing you the latest forum stories, up to date traffic reports and as well as that music that puts a smile on your face. Our commitment to the community is further cemented by our offer of FREE VTC/Streaming/Special Event advertising. We've no VTC Manager to keep happy, nor do we have our own special Stream to support and promote. We are completely neutral which is what the TruckersMP community really needs to get their VTC/Stream/Special Event out there! Your number 1 Truckers radio, we're Truckers FM! Our radio is hosted on a premium servers which are located in Paris, France. Our servers have a 100Mbps network links to ensure we can support flawless 128kb/s streaming to your ears. We have an AutoDJ, so when a DJ is not streaming, we will always have great music! Our radio is a fully licensed online radio, we have the appropriate PPL and a PRS license to ensure we can stay up for you! Obviously running a fully licensed radio is not free! There are licenses and servers to pay for. However this is all that needs paying for. This in total costs £540 a year! (or £45 a month). We have gone into this project hoping we will break even, however we will only achieve by providing a 10/10 listening experience! We will be covering major events, convoys and any other events for free! We will have a tip jar where anyone can donate whatever money they think we deserve. We are very thankful to our Patreons who donate! Here are the wonderful people that help keep TruckersFM on air!
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