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Rome wasn't built in a day.
I break the website, and quite often the radio server. If i'm not doing that, I might be doing DJ applications.
Public Relations & #LondonTakeover Host
I do things here at TFM =D
DJ Dynamic
The Home of Feel Good Music!
I didn't do it! Nobody saw me do it! Can't prove anything!
TFM Station Manager & Presenter


DJ Baz
DJ Bonnm
Your number one German DJ!
DJ Braken
I'm A Cadet Who Likes Aviation, I Also Play Games Mainly Simulators
I Break Stuff Here At TFM
I Love to play games and I love to DJ
The Canadian
I am... a person...
Website Developer & Radio Host.
DJ George
Big fan of simulators and bringing you music. Dream job really.
Pr. Hoover
I like playing the Top Hits from the US. I like Flying and Truck Simulation games.
I love the Long haul Journeys on a lovely sunny European day, I work for JCB IRL so love shipping those diggers.
DJ Jefferz
Bringing the charts and requests to you!
DJ Jord
Not so new anymore :D
DJ Lewis
Your Number 1 Dance and Trance DJ!
DJ Lovett
I'm a student that LOVES to play FSX, ETS2 & ATS
Hi, I'm Matt and i'm an Aussie! I'm going to present a wide range of music, make sure you request!
I can't wait to play your request and shout your shout outs.
DJ Oli
TruckersFM DJ | Doing your requests
DJ Orange
I'm An Air Cadet Who Loves Aircraft, Trucks And Music
DJ Panda
Get ready for the Pandemonium. DJ Panda, live from Tennessee
Truckers.FM DJ | TruckersMP Support & Media
DJ Pows
The one and only Welsh dj is here!
DJ Riddle
I spend 90% of my time at Apollo managing the VTC and the other 10% asleep.
DJ RyanH
Playing Quality Remixes And More From 2016!
DJ Saveloy
Sizzling Straight Through Your Truck Cab!
DJ Smalley
Not MC Smalley... DJ Smalley! playing the best tunes! EDM & House to the charts!
DJ Spyder
TFM DJ! Hi, I'm just your typical friendly neighborhood Spyder man :P Feel free to message me anytime you like.
Pr. Sweet
Hi, Im Jordan and I'm Bristolian. Hmm Flex.......
DJ Trogy
All The Hits!
Your Drive, Your Music
DJ Yoska
Just chill and relax, the best funnyest youtuber and DJ ever, why? Streaming to you from Spain! Enjoy!
DJ Zombiez
TruckersMP Forum Moderator and I plan events | Metal & Rock Classics! | Home of the first Twitch Pedal Cam