Your Drive, Your Music
Your Drive, Your Music
Station Managers
Dynamic The Home of Feel Good Music! Host of the #DynamicShow!
Joined 12/2/2016
London Station Manager & Social Guy who tweets . Host of #LondonTakeover
Joined 16/10/2015
Mark I've been here since the start...whenever that was. Currently mellowing your Evenings with #TFMandChill
Joined 16/10/2015
Pascal Developing everything except a mobile app. #PWA is the future.
Joined 16/10/2015
Dan The Host of The Feel Good Show and TFM's Favourite Club Classics
Joined 1/4/2018
George Making jingles and keepin an eye on people!
Joined 25/10/2016
Skinner It's me Skinner bringing you the entertainment, music and much more only on TFM!!!!
Joined 15/8/2018
Arran Host of the #TFMHappyHour on TFM. Mondays & Tuesdays @ 5PM
Joined 10/5/2018
Ashley Hey there, I'm Ashley, 23 years old, new to TFM but not new to radio, been doing it for around 7 years.
Joined 2/7/2019
Bowsey Bringing you Big Hits and Fresh New Music!
Joined 28/10/2018
ccowie Your Canadian normally evening show host
Joined 4/7/2017
Chem what do i put here? A description? About me? hmm... well, i like to listen to music... don't we all?... is that good enough?
Joined 9/7/2019
Cyberskilzz Dynamics Son Init, feel free to tune in to me Thu 9-10 and Sunday 8-10
Joined 9/10/2018
David The about may not be greater than 128 characters.
Joined 26/11/2017
DJ ATEK *Thinking of something good to type here*
Joined 17/11/2018
Ev3nflow From the East Coast of the US, I'm glad to be a part of TFM and bring you some awesome music!
Joined 9/10/2018
Ewan Mad Irish Guy
Joined 6/8/2018
Jack LIVE From Allentown, PA! It's DJ Jack! | You will usually be seeing me hosting The Rock Show!
Joined 9/12/2017
Jay I am normally on from 10am to 12pm Mon - Fir and 7pm Fri nights. Missed my show listen back here
Joined 5/7/2017
JogR Best time to find me is Saturday Afternoon from Noon.
Joined 6/8/2018
Kat_Pw Hey I'm Kat! Yeah, the truckersmp kat!
Joined 12/3/2018
Lana Cosplayer & Gamer Girl. Playing you a vareity of music from the classics, to indie, to a live dance mix!
Joined 8/8/2018
Mick Currently working his butt off in school
Joined 8/6/2017
Miniii Scottish Twitch Streamer and DJ. Host of the Monday Night Vibes show.
Joined 13/8/2018
Nathan564 Just your friendly Discord Admin, Catch me on Discord - Nathan#3000.
Joined 2/6/2018
RAM Hi my name is RAM and i am Rock and Metal Head! Ill be Streaming all my Shows live on twitch!
Joined 12/7/2019
Sam Oh, Hi, I run the #WeekendCountdown, from 6-8Pm every Saturday night, catch me there!
Joined 19/11/2017
Saveloy Sizzling Straight Through Your Truck Cab!
Joined 5/11/2016
Seydru Hi I'm Seydru! I'm a gamer, drummer and old school music lover | Host of #TheXLIXShow
Joined 28/5/2018
Sharkie Hi Im Sharkie | Host of the Tea Before the Coffee From 8:30 am! |
Joined 10/5/2018
SonnyCosta EDM Enthusiast, Music Producer / DJ / Singer-Songwriter
Joined 2/12/2017
Tex TruckersFm's own Texan bringing you the weekly Thursday Texmix request show! (5-7 PM BST)
Joined 6/4/2018
Tricky Ricky Heyo! I'm Ricky. I'm new here! Don't be hesitant to hop on by when i'm live or anytime on my social medias and say hi!
Joined 13/7/2019
Trogy Hi I'm Trogy :D
Joined 23/7/2016
Vexus Bringing you the best hits! The New Guy
Joined 1/7/2019
Wheezy TruckersMP Community Manager
Joined 12/2/2016
Winston DJ / Mixing live every Saturday 4PM UK w/ #TFMSession, Kicking off your weekend with a blast!
Joined 12/2/2017
Discord Staff
Jack Discord Manager. Usually found lurking around the discord.
Joined 11/1/2017
Nathan564 Just your friendly Discord Admin, Catch me on Discord - Nathan#3000.
Joined 2/6/2018
Ninja Hey! I'm Ninja, doing my GCSE's sadly but spend most of my time jamming to TFM! Hope to see you on the air waves.
Joined 7/9/2018
Turbo The Sergal Hello there! I'm Tim and im 20 Years old living in Germany.
Joined 19/5/2018
Velcta The Wolf I am a gay 19 year old male living in the UK getting ready for a long trucking career ahead of me.
Joined 9/2/2019